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A Statement by Bill Russell

I’m a painter, illustrator, journalist, teacher and web designer. In my work life, I’m interested in understanding the notion of what is public art and what is private art. As a commercial artist, my responsibility is to be effective in my communications with the viewer. Although the world of fine art has it’s own set of constraints, it’s a place where I feel free to let go, be intuitive and express in a personal way. I want my paintings to look and feel unencumbered and joyous. I listen to the music of Miles Davis to fire that feeling.

The imagery in my abstract expressionist collage paintings is both biomorphic and infinite. Finding shapes colors and points-of-view is an internal process. I simply begin by applying acrylic paints and collage to paper, canvas or panel. I predetermine nothing. The work’s content often references cultural artifacts and Pop imagery and recently the human figure. I’ve developed a personal and modern visual vocabulary with a nod to post-war America Abstract Expressionist painting.

I’ve shown my work in a variety of settings including The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato, the Garage Gallery, the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and the Reactor Gallery in Toronto, Canada.