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Abstract Paintings and Collages by Bill Russell

Jazz & Soul-inspired abstracts, mixed media paintings and collages

Primitivo, 24″x24″, mixed media on Arches paper

Here’s the Latest

A Show at Stanford University

Big D

In 2015, Bill showed 50 paintings and collages at Stanford University in Palo Alto. more here

Stanford Art Spaces Curator and Writer DeWitt Cheng wrote that “Russell’s works, with their intuitive orbs and arabesques of black enamel paint, resemble musical scores set free from their staves…collaged printed elements assimilate bits of the real world, or at least references and metonyms, into the frozen music of the pictorial architecture.

Some works with their exuberant shapes and dynamic rhythms, belong to the lyrical tradition of Matisse’s cutouts and Stuart Davis’s semi-abstract oil paintings. Biomorphic surrealism is also a source; look at the starbursts, flowers, eyes, flames, and seedpod forms, as well as the typographic elements, hinting at words, sound, and poetry, and Miro comes to mind, as well as such non-surrealists as Rauschenberg and Motherwell. Russell’s lyricism is generally playful, but it has a darker side, too, mixing myth, history and politics.”     read press release

A Slideshow


Bill Russell Photo by Alex Farnum

Bill Russell has been a painter for over 30 years.  read his bio here


New Works: In the Figurative Realm


Check out some new pieces that merge the abstract with figuration, in real and magical realms here.

Bill’s Blog

Birdwatching, 52"x52", mixed media)
I will finally get to show my big, bold, joyous painting, Birdwatching…

Bill’s Etsy


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